Fostering FAQs

Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster parent volunteer. This program is at the core of our organization as we do not have a facility. Foster parents are vital to preparing shelter pets for their forever homes.

Why foster a homeless pet?

You are literally saving a pet's life!  We can only rescue homeless pets if we have temporary (foster) homes for them. Our local animal shelter cannot care for all of the injured, lost and stray pets that come thru their doors without our help. They rely on rescue partners like SVPP to help pets that they cannot help in the shelter environment. Kitten season (spring - late fall) presents a major challenge to our shelter as they cannot care for these vulnerable under aged kittens whose immune system is not yet developed. Foster parents provide a critical community service by allowing us to relieve our local shelter to care for pets that would be difficult to care for in a shelter: puppies and kittens with immune systems not strong enough to fight germs; animals too young to be spayed or neutered; orphaned or feral kittens; animals recovering from surgery or needing rest from the stress of a shelter.

What is expected of me if I become a foster parent?

First and foremost, foster families provide a safe and loving home. In addition, we ask that you provide:

  • Exercise, playtime and socialization, and probably some *basic training (for dogs).
  • Transport to vet appointments, photo shoots, and adoption events.
  • Special care in the case of illness. If the foster pet is sick, isolation from other animals in the home may be required. This isolation is especially important for cats and unweaned kittens.
  • Regular updates (photos, videos) for marketing purposes.
  • Meeting with potential adopters after they have gone thru SVPP adoption application screening process. 

*If the dog I foster needs training, am I expected to train him/her? 

We work with local dog trainers/behaviorists to assess all of our dogs and put them on training plans as needed to prepare them for their forever homes.  We strongly encourage our adopters to continue with the training plan and will provide information (including special discounts) upon adoption.

ABCs of Fostering a Pet

What support or resources will SVPP provide to me if I become a foster parent?

SVPP provides written materials and pairs foster parents with a foster coordinator “buddy” to help them through the fostering experience. Your foster coordinator will check in regularly and connect you with any further support you may need. SVPP pays for pre-approved vet visits and procedures and, depending on donations, also provide toys, food and other supplies such as crates and baby gates. We even have vacation coverage for our foster families!

Fostering 101

Are foster care expenses tax deductible, since SVPP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit?

Yes. Some of the expenses of fostering a pet for SVPP can be deducted as services rendered to a qualified 501(c)(3) organization. Items like pet food and supplies can qualify as expenses for fostering a pet.  You can even deduct 14 cents per mile for trips made solely for the organization.  Just like with any other deduction, you need to document the expenses. Keep your receipts and canceled checks, and keep track of mileage (including date, destination, and distance).  For expenses over $250, SVPP is happy to provide you with a statement confirming that you have fostered for our organization. You will need this statement and receipts to claim any tax benefit. Talk to your accountant to learn how this applies to your taxes.  

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