Supplies Wishlists for Silicon Valley Pet Project

Donate items for cats and dogs in our program! These items are provided to our dedicated foster parents who care for our pets in their homes.

Supplies from the Community: SVPP can only accept unopened dog or cat food, and based on limited space, we ask that you contact us at  with details of what you would like to donate and where you live so we can make arrangements for pick up or drop off.
Our local animal shelters often can use food, and supplies, including towels (SVPP does not need these as our pets live in foster homes).  

Amazon Wishlists

The following Amazon Wish Lists provide suggestions for items we need at any given time. Please note, we periodically add and remove items depending on our need. Thank you for your support. 

Dog Wish List Feline Wish List


Chewy Wishlists

Order your Pet Food at and Silicon Valley Pet Project will earn donations!