Becoming a monthly Angel Donor means strong, steady and more predictable funding for Silicon Valley Pet Project.

The generosity of our Angel Donors provides:

Necessary medical care for rescue pets in our foster homes;  

Funding for our mission-critical network of foster families, paying for all costs so they can focus on hugs, cuddles, and care;  

Valuable services to the community such as low-cost microchip clinics;  

Community education opportunities about building the relationship between owners and their pets, responsible pet ownership and the value of adoption with low-cost or free classes and activities at Pup Plaza;  

Rescue pet life-saving all year long!!

Benefits of Becoming an Angel Donor:


It's convenient. You sign up once, and your gift is automatically withdrawn each month on the same day. Set it and forget it.

It's flexible. You can increase, decrease or cancel your monthly gift at any time, without obligation.

It allows a smaller gift to become a larger one over time without straining your budget.

It makes you an Angel that rescue pets can depend on. When you stand up for rescue with your monthly gift, you make a commitment to pets, spay/neuter education, access to community resources, veterinary care, and more. You become an Angel on which they can count.

It's green. You will receive only electronic communication with your monthly gift. You’ll help protect the planet as you help protect homeless pets.



Each gift supports our mission and provides animals in our care with the opportunity for a healthy, happy life.